Advancing best practices in cryogenic cold chain solutions.
Advancing best practices in cryogenic cold chain solutions

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John Fink

John Fink is marketing manager for cryogenic solutions at Brooks Life Science Systems, the global leader in automated cold-chain sample management for drug discovery and biostorage applications and a division of Brooks Automation, Inc. if you have any questions or ideas for future blog posts.

Standards and Best Practices Involving CPAs and Shipping

June 13, 2016

Continuing on with our research of best practices and now adding cell viability into the mix, we partnered up with BioLife Solutions to do experiments and present a poster at ISCT 2016. These experiments focused on best vs. status-quo practices involving cryoprotectants (CPAs) and dry ice shipping containers.

BioLife prepared T-Cells (Jurkat cells) with two different cryoprotectants and packed in two different shipping containers. They shipped the cells to our office in Chelmsford, MA where we stored them in a BioStore III Cryo -190ºC to ensure restricted access, temperature and to replicate an offsite storage operation. After 45 days of LN2 storage we shipped the cells back in the same containers as they arrived.  Upon receipt, BioLife thawed and performed viability and testing on the cells.

The results showed that using BioLife’s commercially available cryoprotectant CryoStor®, and -80ºC evo™ smart shipper gave higher post-thaw cell viability and 24-48hr functionality vs. the typical home-brew methods of DMSO and EPS shippers.

What does all this mean? It brings focus on the importance to adopt standardized equipment and processes. Whereby some scientists may prefer their home brew processes and equipment, do those processes and equipment protect the samples as much as standardized technologies?

You can download and read the entire poster here