Advancing best practices in cryogenic cold chain solutions.
Advancing best practices in cryogenic cold chain solutions

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John Fink

John Fink is marketing manager for cryogenic solutions at Brooks Life Science Systems, the global leader in automated cold-chain sample management for drug discovery and biostorage applications and a division of Brooks Automation, Inc. if you have any questions or ideas for future blog posts.

ISBER Posting #1

May 22, 2015

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories’ (ISBER) annual meeting in Phoenix in May was particularly exciting and there were three major product announcements — two planned and one surprise — and all of which marked exciting developments for cryogenic cold chain management.

First, BioCision and Brooks Life Science Systems announced the industry’s first portable cryogenic biospecimen transport system with integrated real-time temperature monitoring. With over 4hrs of cryogenic hold time, the liquid nitrogen-based carrier appears ideal to safely move samples around a lab or campus while keeping them well below Tg. And the automated filling station removes the risk and complexity of dealing with liquid nitrogen filling.

Read the announcement here.